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Our custom laser cutting service is a cost-effective and on-demand choice for your industrial needs. Sheet cutting and sheet metal fabrication services are available from 786 Total Manufacturing for low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs.

Faster output, decreased workpiece contamination, and a lower danger of warping are all advantages of laser cutting over traditional mechanical cutting or CNC machining methods. Laser cutting is great for rapid prototyping because it produces precise cuts with little danger of human error.

laser cutting

Laser Cutting

786 Total Manufacturing uses laser cutting, a sheet metal profiling method, to cut materials for industrial needs using a high-power laser guided by optics. Although laser cutting is more precise and requires less energy than plasma cutting, the thickness of the material that can be cut with it is limited.

Laser cutters are CNC devices that use a thin, high-powered laser beam to cut materials. The process is most typically used in industrial manufacturing. Laser cutters are typically used for high-quality welding and cutting of industrial sheet metal, but they can also cut composites, rubber, glass, wood, and aluminum.

Laser focusing optics are used to convert electrical energy into a high-density light beam, and CNC is utilized to handle either the workpiece or the laser beam. The material processed by the laser cutter is melted, burned, vaporized, or blown away by a stream of oxygen or nitrogen.

786 Total Manufacturing provides laser cutting services for a variety of technical materials, all of which are carefully cut and guaranteed to be of high quality. While many of our customers are industry leaders, our services are also accessible to small businesses and individuals. Our clients span from industry giants like Apple to engineering students and hobbyists, all of whom are looking for high-quality laser-cut parts at a reasonable price.

laser cutting
laser cutting

Laser Cutting in the Workplace

Solid-walled enclosures Fiber and CO2 lasers in MFG’s Manufacturing Partner Network can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and exotic alloys, among other materials. The CO2 laser is best for cutting, engraving, and drilling metals, whereas the fiber laser is better for thicker materials. For sheet and plate metal thicker than 4 inches, see our waterjet cutting services. Our custom laser cutting service is a cost-effective and on-demand choice for your industrial needs. Sheet metal fabrication services are available for low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs.

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