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Fabrication Welding Manufacturing. We serve a wide range of industries, including automotive, steel, aggregate & concrete, plastics, food & beverage, light & heavy manufacturing, textiles, packaging, and more.

We provide unrivalled precision at a cost that is affordable to you. You will save the greatest money by employing our direct one-stop-shop mill-wright and machining services.

To determine the optimal methods for your project, 786 Total Manufacturing considers the design plan and materials, your budget, and the intended uses. Depending on the specific needs of your project, these operations may entail a variety of welding and fabrication services.

fabrication welding

Welding vs. Fabrication

Welding is used to make parts, structural components, and equipment in practically every sector. Welders are extensively used in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries to manufacture everything from large-scale parts to intricate assembly. Welding is also becoming a popular method of creating art.

Fabrication is a broad phrase that refers to the industrial operations that convert raw or partially finished materials into finished items. Metal fabrication, in particular, refers to the operations that shape sheet metal and other metals into finished items.

Welding is a common metal fabrication technique for making pipe fittings, window frames, automotive parts, tools, and other items. Welding is used by professionals in commercial fabrication, industrial fabrication, and structural fabrication. The following are the steps of metal fabrication in general:

  • Part Design: Metal fabricators create plans to fulfill specifications, run virtual tests, and plan stages and processes of production.
  • Part Fabrication: Manufacturers shape raw or sheet metal to bring the design to life. This stage can incorporate several manufacturing, machining, and joining processes.
  • Part Finishing: The metal part might be deburred, hardened, painted, treated, or assembled to make it ready for packaging or shipping.
fabrication welding
fabrication welding

Industries Associated with Metal Fabrication and Welding

Welding and fabrication are utilized in a variety of sectors. Because of the versatility of equipment and procedures, it’s used to create parts for industries as diverse as agriculture, spa furniture, and vehicles.

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Alternative Energy
  • Construction
  • Agricultural Industries
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