Design Engineer

Complete design engineer are prioritized at 786 Total Manufacturing. MFG’s production capabilities consist of a team of highly skilled engineers who use the most advanced 3D modelling and CAD/CAM tools available to deliver excellent design and technical knowledge. Their extensive experience simplifies 3D modelling and prototype development, resulting in higher output efficiency. 786 Total Production offers design/build services to assist you in converting existing parts or concepts to the most cutting-edge and cost-effective manufacturing procedures.

Our manufacturing facility can accommodate high-volume, precision products and parts at competitive costs. From cargo trailers for high-end planes to roller coasters, tractor attachments, bespoke brackets, support columns, and funiculars, we can make it everything! Because of our welders, professional assembly team, process design engineer, and project managers, we are able to provide the best products in the world in a timely manner.

Design Engineering

Design Engineer, Tested & Built In North America.

786 Total Manufacturing’s design engineer department is now recognized as the industry leader in offering amusement ride manufacturers with innovative, comprehensive product development solutions and manufacturing assistance. The designs created by 786 Total Manufacturing all meet or surpass industry standards like as CE, ASTM, EN, TUV, and CSEI. We can also deliver PE stamps to customers all around North America. Magnetic braking systems for suspended roller coasters, aerospace designs for fighter jets, and automatic belay devices for decelerating components on funiculars, trams, and ziplines are among the patents held by our design firm.

The engineering section at 786 Total Manufacturing assists customers in improving their present designs and turning concepts into prototypes. Our engineers assist customers save costs by developing products to be built in a more cost-effective manner, based on their manufacturing knowledge. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are a valuable resource for our customers, and they are always eager to help with design work. Our customers can now have a model in their hands in days thanks to the advent of our 3D printer.

We don’t just build things; we put them to the test! The most critical phase in all of our designs is detailed analysis. We ensure that all product designs are exposed to analysis prior to production. Our understanding of analysis techniques guarantees that the best design for the project is generated. Each analysis will include thermal/flow, structural, tolerance, and EMI/RFI confinement.

design engineer
design engineer


Quick prototyping allows our customers to ensure the function, design, and aesthetics of their product designs. All options range from a full-scale prototype to a scaled 3D printed or CNC first piece. To develop precise prototypes that allow our customers to visualize their reality, we employ some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

786 Total Manufacturing is best recognized for its metal fabrication services, but it also provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions to a wide range of sectors, including mechanical design engineer for metal fabrication. This enables us to take on projects from conception to completion, from design and prototype through manufacturing and delivery. 786 The mechanical engineering department at Total Manufacturing is an integral part of our vertically integrated vertical production process.

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